I left my career in engineering to follow my passion for fitness and health, and am now a personal trainer working out of Goodlife Health Clubs Myaree. My background is in rock climbing and Olympic weightlifting, as well as soccer and swimming. These sports demand strength, movement and performance, which I am now known for and specialise in. These qualities put an emphasis on remaining injury free and pursuing optimal health, such that I have become the go to trainer for injury rehabilitation.

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Injury prevention, management and rehabilitation

Strength and sporting performance

Tailored exercise programs in line with your goals

Highly recommend Simon as a PT! I saw changes in my body in just a couple of weeks He's very encouraging and will give you the best results.
The coaching with Simon has been phenomenal; he breaks things down, explains things clearly, and really takes care of technique. His eye for detail is exceptional. Over 6 months I’ve progressed into doing a full snatch, feeling confident with the technique and without any injury or pain. I’ve learnt a lot from Simon in terms of mobility, technique, and coaching. I highly recommend Simon if you’re looking for something different, or doing some Olympic lifting.
DavePrimal PT - Senior Personal Trainer
Excellent trainer due to his broad understanding of nutrition as well as good lift techniques. Simon will pay close attention to your form and provide actionable feedback and a plan to close out weaknesses. He helped me with squats, deadlifts, snatch, and cleans. Highly recommended even for more intermediate to advanced athletes.
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