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About Me

I left my career in Engineering to follow my passion for fitness and health, and am now a personal trainer working out of Goodlife Health Clubs Myaree. My background is in rock climbing and Olympic weightlifting, as well as soccer and swimming. These sports demand strength, movement and performance, which I am now known for and specialise in. These qualities put an emphasis on remaining injury free and pursuing optimal health, such that I have become the go to trainer for injury rehabilitation.

What is personal training and why is it beneficial?

Training sessions where you have your own personal trainer (one on one) or you and a friend/family member are trained by a personal trainer at the same time (two on one).
My job is to guide, motivate and support you. After working with you to assess where you are with your training, what your goals are, and what you enjoy about training and exercise, I’ll write you a program tailored especially for you. Having a personalised program keeps you consistent, ensures that your exercises complement each other and are helping you meet your specific goals.
Each session with me is structured and planned so that you get the most out of it. I’ll also help you check your form, so that you’re always targeting the right muscles, which will have you progressing faster and avoiding injury!

How long should I do personal training for?

It depends on the individual, and whether you’ll miss having the on-going motivation that I provide, are satisfied with the goals you have reached, or started out wanting to get confident in the gym and now feel that you can program and track your results yourself.
Some people find that they feel confident to train by themselves after 3 months, but many others continue training with a personal trainer for many more years!

What do I need to bring to a session?

Bring a water bottle and a towel, and have a meal to eat around two hours before, or a snack one hour before training.
To get the most out of the session, prep your body by getting a good night’s sleep so that you are well rested, and have plenty of water to drink prior! If you have time, spend 15 minutes warming up before hand by either stretching or hopping on the treadmill/bike. This will mean we can get straight into the good stuff when your session starts!

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